What does SEO do for the typical website ? A UK London SEO Consultant tells us

London SEO ConsultantSo, we all know that getting found in the search engines, especially the giant of them all, Google can be the make or break of an online business, but did you know how sites get to the top ? Well, Scott D Smith, a leading UK and Global SEO consultant shares some inside tips with us today.

Scott tells us that Google works off a “voting” system, with offsite metrics being the most powerful “votes” such as other sites linking to you but it’s not as simple as that. For example, if you have a few links from giant sites such as the BBC, these votes would give you a lot of power and trust however if the anchor text used in the link to you was too obvious for SEO benefit, this could actually penalise your site, so when looking at SEO services you need a provider that can not only get great on topic power and trusted links, but also one that knows the most powerful and most importantly, the safest anchor text ratios and metrics.

Google also looks at social signals to see how is talking about your business which also helps to improve google trust in your website.

Lastly, but just as important are on page factors, that is, how your site / web pages are made, are the keywords in the title, meta description and content, are they used too often and look like spam and your SEO now risks a Google panda penalty, and much more.

So as you can see it’s not as simple as just getting as many links or stuffing your keywords as much as possible in your site, so when looking for a SEO consultant be sure to ask questions around the tips.